Working from home

So you may look at this and think, “What does working from home have to do with the natural home?”

Well, on some concepts not a whole lot. In our world, it makes it so I can give our home that needed attention that I probably couldn’t if I had a 40+ hour work week outside the home. I still want to contribute financially, but I like what being at home offers me and my family. 

I do get a lot of questions about how I make money at home. People worry about getting scammed. Many worry that they will do the work and then not get paid. How do you find a reputable company to work for? Keep reading, I am getting there.

Ways to make money working from home

  • Etsy/Shopify/Selling crafts online

I run an ETSY shop for starters. This is pretty straight forward. But I will not lie to you. Its a lot of hard work. You do have to know about SEO and taking photos. It is not a “put your craft online and it will sell” kind of scenario. If you make a great product and want to sell it online this is a great avenue for an income.

A resource I would recommend for learning to sell things you make would be Handmade Titan University.  No that is not an affiliate link, but this is a program I belong to and it is well worth the money. It is also only open once a year, so if you miss it get on her mailing list. She offers all sorts of free training during the year, that is well worth your time. 

  • Blogging/Affiliate Marketing

Again there is a learning curve. You have to know about websites and at first it takes a good deal of time learning what you need to know. This is a great place to be if you have a niche, if you love sharing what you know and if you enjoy writing. 

A resource I would recommend is Secret Blogger’s Business by Kate McKibbin  and Elite Blog Academy. Again these are not affiliate links, but programs that you can join to teach you the business end of blogging.

  • Working for someone Else

This is where a lot of people start. Yes, there are a lot of great companies out there that offer jobs for people at home. Many office jobs now offer their workers the option to work at home a couple of days a week. Technology has freed us up to pursue a great many avenues hasn’t it?

So here is a list of companies that hire at home workers.

  1. Alorica at Home I worked for this company when they were West at Home. I always got paid on time for the work that I did. This was years ago, but I haven’t heard anything negative about them. They have brick and mortar call centers as well. They always had great opportunities for well known companies available. Here you are considered and Independent Contractor.
  2. PatronReps This company focuses on meeting the needs of spouses and veterans wanting to work from home, but they hire civilians as well. Yes, you do have to pay for a background check and you pay upfront for your training. Once you are certified you are reimbursed. Normally I would tell you never ever ever pay for a job. This is a bit different. You are an independent contractor not an employee. You are essential running your own business. Consider these business expenses.
  3. Hilton For this job you are actually an employee. You will be working on their call center, but have all the employee benefits of either full time or part time. They only hire a few times a year, so you have to check this page periodically to see if they are hiring.
  4. LiveOps – This is another reputable call center where you will be a independent contractor.
  5. Arise – This is the company that I am contracted through. You can start your own business and contract directly with them and skip the middle man. They have very clear instructions on how to do so. They offer thorough training and support all along the way.

These are all call center jobs. Each one requires different equipment and criteria, but I will share with you what I know every company I have worked for wanted.

  • Windows 7 or 10 Operating System.
  • High Speed internet. Most require that you are hard wired in to that internet.
  • A phone. Some let you use VoIP

A very good resource for information —

The forum  WAHM is Work at home mom. This forum has a ton of information. There are all sorts of opportunities and opinions posted here. I mean A TON! I have found proofreading jobs, call center opportunities and a lot of good leads here. Pour through the information and feel free to ask questions. I have met some very good friends on this board. We had in common we were looking for reputable at home jobs!


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