Do you have Spring Fever yet?

I know… it is only the middle of February, but we are eager to get out in the garden and get planting. Yesterday in our Gardening Class he made a reminder that here in central Texas our last threat of frost is March 15. That is just 30 days away!

I know when many of you look out your window right now at the very least you see winter landscapes. Here in Texas my lawn is green and my trees are starting to bud. It is time to get those seeds started! Soon we will be able to get out there in the garden and get them in the ground! My daughter has been out prepping the beds.

Here in Central Texas we are able to keep some veggies growing all year long. Spinach, kale, broccoli have already been growing. We lost a few when it hit 16′ in January, but that is the exception, not the rule. We also need to mow our yard all year long, but I guess that is better than using a snow blower and shovel?

So even if you are still under snow, I know you are getting those seed catalogs. Don’t you just love getting those in the mail? I know it is one of my favorite things to get. I think it does increase the spring fever though, don’t you?

I mean seeing all those pictures of big red tomatoes, and colorful flowers? That just makes you want to get out there and grow something!

So while spring fever hits you and you have no way to get out there and dig in the dirt, what do you do?

Do you dog ear the seed catalogs?

Do you visit the garden store and go over all the tools and books and seeds?

Do you get out the graph paper and design how you want your garden to look in the coming year?

What do you do to help deal with that spring fever?

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