It’s Pumpkin Time!

Cinderella Pumpkin
Cinderella Pumpkin

It is that time of year. More than likely when you walk into my kitchen one of these beauties will be residing on my counter top. Now this does not

Now this does not look like your typical pumpkin you see in your local grocery store. Those that you see there are mainly for making Jack-O-Lanterns. Now for that purpose they are wonderful. But, if you try to cook with them, you will find they are greatly lacking in the pumpkin color and flavor. they have a pale yellow inside that just has no flavor. Sorry Jack-O-Lantern pumpkin!

A Cinderella pumpkin is my first choice, but my second one is a Fairytale pumpkin. When you cut into this pumpkin the whole kitchen starts to smell like fall. The inside of the pumpkin is dark orange. It also has a great deal of edible pumpkin. There is a lot of seeds, but when you cut into it, you know you are getting a lot of pumpkin. From this

From this pumpkin I was able to freeze over 20 cups of pumpkin. I paid $10 for the pumpkin. That means I paid about 50cents a cup for organic pumpkin. Pumpkin that I know how was processed. That it has nothing but pumpkin!

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