Fall Planting – Strawberries

Here in south central Texas we are planting strawberries this fall. Many times strawberries don’t handle the heat very well. We have had a lot of hot dry summers lately and our strawberry plants have not survived. Instead of planting strawberries in the spring, as they do up north, we are planting them in the fall. We don’t have harsh winters that may harm the small plants and it gives them a head start on spring.

We do most of our garden in raised beds, but my daughter and husband had a different idea for the strawberries this year. We had some galvanized steel sides from a pool we removed when we moved into our home.

upcycled material used to plant strawberries
upcycled material used to plant strawberries

From there we purchased some stair runners. Small holes were drilled through the metal. That is what daughter used to secure the metal to the wood.

Behind the stair runners 2X4s were used to secure them upright and at the right distance apart.

We have it up against the fence to give the stand a bit more stability.

I am not sure where the little end caps came from, but they were from parts of the pool some how.

We then made a trip to the local nursery and purchased organic garden soil and strawberry plants.

Strawberry Plants
Strawberry Plants

They were filled up with these great little plants, that will soon be producing sweet little red gems in the spring. Or will we wait that long?

strawberry plant

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