growing garlic

Fall Planting – Garlic

I have always loved garlic and been intrigued with the idea of growing it. But, let’s face it, I haven’t done well when it comes to growing root crops. My carrots come out stubby and something ate the sweet potatoes. The other potatoes never even grew. So …  I have never actually tried to grow garlic until this year.

Garlic is a crop that you plant in the fall and grow for nine months before you harvest it. That can seem like forever here in Central/South Texas. I have also read that we can actually get in two crops a year. October thru June and then April thru Dec. Right now I am just focusing on the ones that I am growing through the winter months.

I am also growing my garlic in a whiskey barrel planter on my front porch. I did a lot of research before planting. I was amazed at how many youtube videos there were on the subject. I mean really how many times can you grow garlic and speed it up on video?

We are several weeks in and so far so good. Let me share with you the steps so far, then I will keep you updated as the months’ pass until we get to harvest, and better yet cooking!

We started with a large size whiskey barrel. I had 3 organic heads of garlic, so I wanted lots of room. I added organic gardening soil and made sure there was a layer of rocks at the bottom so that it had good drainage.

Leave the heads whole until you are ready to plant. When you are ready to plant, separate the garlic head into cloves. Don’t bother with the little itty bitty ones. I used the medium to large cloves.

Once you have them separated just push them into the soil. Position them so the big end is down the top pointy end is just under the soil line. Make sure that there is nothing above the soil, and the bulbs are covered, but not deep.

Place in a sunny spot and water daily.

Now this is as far as I have gotten and I will keep you updated as to how it is turning out.

growing garlic

This is what my garlic looks like at 3 weeks. I have been watering them daily.

The direction say to water them every day for the first few months. After about 6 months only water them 2 to 3 times a week. It is time to harvest once the greenage dies back.

I can’t wait to have my home grown garlic to use! I will keep you updated!

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