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I have been making soap almost 20 years. That is a long long long time. I started making soap from scratch. It is called cold process soap. It is the art of mixing oils and lye and making soap. This may be one method, but within this method there are so many different techniques. I now do both cold process and melt and pour. I have also dabbled in the hot process method. I love learning new techniques. We do sell our soaps (I will post a link below).

I started making soap because I was spending a ton of money at Bath and Body Works. As I became more aware of what was actually in soaps that are purchased commercially I kept making soap. I make cold process from scratch and can tell you each and every ingredient that goes in it. My melt and pour soap is made using a detergent free base. I searched for a base that was the best out there and I wanted to know the ingredients in that. What we put on our skin is so important!

And I have to admit it, soap making is just plain addictive! Once you start making your own soap you will want to try new ingredients, new techniques, new molds and so on. You will also notice that if you use commercially purchased soap it just is not the same as your home made soap.

We do sell our soaps (I will post a link below). At many craft shows I am asked how I make the soaps? Or better yet, do I give classes?

Well, I am working on classes. To begin with they will be right here in Texas, but later I would like to have an online format. But that is a project that is on my todo list. Today I would like to give you a few good places to get started.

As I said earlier I have been making soap for almost 20 years. When I started making soap, there was no such thing as youtube. I went and purchased a book and worked from there. The first book I purchased is still on the market and a really good source.

The Natural Soap Book: Making Herbal and Vegetable-Based Soaps

I still use this book as a source of information. The first recipe I ever tried is straight out of this book as well as the how-to when it comes to making cold process soap.

From there I joined a soap making yahoo group. Today’s equivalent would be a facebook group. I have to tell you I learned so much from these ladies. I learned how to fashion my own recipe and some great techniques. there are a ton of great facebook groups. These soap makers are so great at answering questions and sharing information that they have.

Another book that is worn out on my soap making shelf is

The Soapmaker’s Companion: A Comprehensive Guide with Recipes, Techniques & Know-How (Natural Body Series – The Natural Way to Enhance Your Life)

To me this is the soap making Bible. This covers the basics, but goes beyond that. This is the book all soap makers should have.

Now let’s move on to YouTube. I so wish I had this resource when I was learning.  You HAVE to start with Soap Queen TV Cold Process Basics From there she has a bunch of other great videos. This is Anne-Marie from Brambleberry. This is one of the BEST places to buy soap making supplies.

From there just search for soap making videos and you will be overwhelmed with results! There are some highly talented soap makers out there on YouTube.

Some of my favorites?

Ariane Arsenault I could watch her all day!

Eden’s Secret She has great techniques!

Royalty Soaps A young talented soap maker. She is an inspiration.

Handmade in Florida I wish I had her talent when it comes to making soap. Truly inspirational!

I am sure after doing a search you will find your own favorites!

So this is a good starting place. If you have questions on soap making I would be happy to answer them. I hope to have more in-depth soap making entries here in the future. Soap making is a passion. It is so much fun and is an art form.

Here are some of my soaps. They are all wrapped so they look a bit glossy. All but one are cold process.  Can you guess my favorite?

Snow Witch Cold Process Soap sexy beast cold process soap raspberry lemonade cold process soap lavender cold process soap coffee bean vanilla cold process soap beach breeze glycerin soap

oh and the promised link to purchase my soap. Enchanting Fairy Co is our Etsy shop. We sell soap and upcycled clothing. Would love to know what you think!

Now as a disclaimer, there are amazon affiliate links in this post. That being said. I own both of these books. I recommend them, no matter where you purchase them.

As always leave your comments and questions below!

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