Why I buy organic milk and meat

Let me tell you the commercial that irritates me most in the world is that stupid chicken one. Yes, I know that any of the chicken on the shelf is antibiotic free. Duh. Do I look stupid? I get that milk and meat is tested for antibiotic and growth hormone and when it appears on the grocery store shelf it is free of any of those chemicals.

That isn’t why I buy organic. I want meat and milk that has NEVER been treated with hormones or antibiotic. Call me old fashioned or silly, but I want my products to be chemical free from the start, not just “cleared”. 

I get you can show me studies and data from both sides of the argument here. How that they are just as good both ways, but listen to me for just a second, or maybe a few minutes. 

I grew up in an  area that thrived on Dairy Farms. I spent a lot of time at my Aunt’s house and her husband was a dairy farmer. Most of my friends lived on farms. When I started dating the boy I dated worked on a chicken farm. So I have seen it up close. I am not immune to the reality of life as a farmer. I may have had parents who worked other than on farms, but when you look out your window and are surrounded by corn fields and can see the cow barn from the end of your drive way, you live in the country. 

Antibiotics have been routinely feed to animals to keep them healthy. If you look at a cow for instance they are feed antibiotics in their feed because their digestive systems have issues. Why? Well, because in this country farmers are known to feed their cows corn. That isn’t what a cow was made to eat. They are grazing animals. A long time ago, and I won’t get into the history or the debate, the government subsidized the corn industry until we just had way to much. The price of corn went down and it was cheap feed for cows. Which upset their digestive systems so they were feed antibiotics. You see the vicious circle here don’t you?

Before a cow is butchered for meat or its milk is sold, it has to have a “withdrawal” period.  Depending on what antibiotic was used is what determines the time. I am unsure about poultry and going to assume that it also has this “withdrawal” time. 

So yippeee! There is no antibiotics in our milk or meat. I won’t even go into growth hormone here, but I just consider that icky, but that is a topic for another blog post. What I am saying is that by the time the milk, meat, poultry and eggs make it to our mega market they are safe to eat.


I am still buying organic. Why?

My dollar says a whole lot and can influence the market. Do I really want to eat meat that is living on subsidized corn their whole life instead of what nature intended it to eat? I have been to a poultry farm where the chickens were packed in crates just waiting for their very short lives to be over. Where they are breed to be bigger and given chemicals to make them healthy and bigger. But, they never see the light of day. 

I say a lot with my dollar. I want to purchase milk that has come from cows never treated with antibiotics and is preferably grass feed. I want organic eggs from happy chickens. I don’t want my food to be clear. I want it to never have been exposed.

I haven’t even gone into the fact there are tons of studies that state that animals treated with antibiotics contribute to antibiotic resistance bugs. I haven’t stated the studies that show that milk, meat and eggs raised organically has more nutritional value. Why? Because there are just as many studies that you could show me that counter those claims. 

What it comes down to is it has to be MY CHOICE. But I say a great deal by where I spend my dollars. I choice to purchase organic. I choice to grow my garden organically too. I want to know where my food comes from and how it was raised. 

So go to your local farmer’s market. Join a CSA. Get to know your food. If at all possible keep those dollars local and organic! Don’t just make a decision of where to spend your dollar. Make a difference!


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