About Me

Hi! I am Judi. I am the homemaker, wife, mom, soap maker, chief, baker, cleaner, etc around this homestead. Now it isn’t a typical homestead. We live in a small Texas town. I can see the county court house if I stand on the sidewalk out front and squint. We were lucky enough to get a double lot with our house. We have about an acre. Though I haven’t been able to talk hubby into letting me garden in the front, the backyard is fair game!

I love sharing my adventures with my readers. You will have to trust me when I say we have adventures. For example how much dirt can eldest daughter and I bag at the garden store and put in the back of the van? I really need a small truck!

We like to do things the natural way, organic if at all possible. Did you know that dirt doesn’t come in organic varieties? That it is just dirt? Learned that at the garden store too!

I share my house with an indulgent husband and the two youngest of my 5 kids. I am pretty sure the neighbors look at us strangely. We home schooled (they have all passed high school now) and we take our wares to craft shows and farmer’s markets on the weekends. I, and eldest daughter, have been found cursing in the backyard on occasions. I hate snakes and pretty sure Mr. Pete next door gets a kick out of me finding them! I was in the Army for 8 years and if nothing else it taught me to swear like a soldier!

Out of all my education (I love learning!) the certification I am most proud of would be that I am a certified aromatherapist and nutrition counselor. That is where the soap making comes in play. Making things smell good naturally is beneficial for a lot of reasons. Learning how to eat whole foods benefits everyone!

We love our lives and have dreams of eventually moving to a house with central air and heat, and lots more land to grow things! Until then we will let you know how we manage on our little small town homestead. Our weather is different here in Texas, so that in itself is another adventure!

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Love to share!